Bob A

After years of telling myself “I’ve got to do something with my weight or it’s going to kill me.” That’s when I decided to take a friends advice and go see Jason. After consulting with him everything he said about changing my diet along with specific weight training program seemed to make sense.
In the first couple of weeks I was already seeing progress (along with some really sore muscles). As the weeks went by and the noticing of a weight loss of 2-4 lbs a week, I really felt confident that this was working. It’s hard to express but it was like I was gaining real momentum in my transformation and that 1(gave me confidence and 2(made me work harder towards the goals that we had set for myself.
 When I first saw the before and after pictures I tried to give Jason all the credit. However the guy kept simply saying “you did it yourself, I just showed you how.” That statement is only partially true: Jason found a way to get me to focus on the goals we had set and that made me more confident in the belief that losing 50lbs or more was not only obtainable but sustainable.

Thanks Jason!

 Bob Anderson-LaFontaine Automotive Group
Highland, Michigan

Sam C

March 29, 2007

In about 10 years, (after I hit 40 and just before 50) I went from a size 8 to just beginning to need to go to a size 12……
That was just the turning point for me. I was just NOT going to go up one more size and/or try just one more trick to look slimmer. My husband Joe was going to Jason at the time and I was impressed with the progress he made. So I decided to try a personal trainer.
I had joined gyms in the past and after a few months, I would quit. I didn’t have a routine and couldn’t remember how all the machines worked. (A onetime orientation just never did it for me)
Well in less than 4 months, I lost over 20 pounds and found myself comfortably wearing a size 6! I know the only difference this time was I decided I would make healthy lifestyle changes in terms of what I ate and my activity. Jason’s support and training made all the difference.
It has been almost 2 years and I am still in a size 6! Jason helped me focus on getting healthy…..not particularly losing the weight.
(See, if you just lose weight….chances are you may find it again!)
 Roberta (Sam) Cook
School Nurse - Pontiac School District

Client  Testimonials

Greg S

I decided to check out what Jason had to offer with this whole Bodyformulas thing when my weight reached an irritating 235 pounds. I remember him saying “This is a science, not rocket science.” He came to me with an old school approach to my eating. It made total sense. I changed m eating habits and in 12 weeks of training I arrived at 195 pounds. Jason helped me to become motivated. Each session he pulled more out of me than I thought I had. No wonder I was not getting any results on my own.

I don’t see Jason on a regular basis anymore but he does keep tabs on me now and again. I relocated and am still going to a gym 3 times a week and I have maintained my weight of 195 pounds!

Thanks so much Jason!


Gregory Swanson – Customer Service/BMW

Chris M

What a difference 12 weeks makes!

“I came to Jason at the end of my rope. I was tired of being fat, tired of trying to stuff myself into my pants, tired of making excuses when I looked in the mirror.
Jason taught me how to eat properly and held me accountable for sticking to a healthy eating plan. In the gym, he pushed me to try my best and kick out those extra 5 reps I was sure I couldn’t do.
I feel great now-such a sense of confidence and pride at what I’ve accomplished. I love looking in the mirror and seeing muscle instead of rolls. Letting go of the constant worry “do I look fat?” has given me tremendous peace of mind and freedom. Starting this new chapter in my life is one of the best decisions I’ve made!”

 Chris Meredith
Owner/Your Nesting Place
Milford, MI